Take the Right Step Towards Productivity by Embracing IAmProductive

A group of researchers surveyed over 9,000 people in 9 major countries based on productive time utilization and what they discovered was a shocking one. Assuming the average life expectancy is 71 years, the result showed that an average human would spend:

Ø      6.8% (or 1769 days) socializing with loved ones.

Ø      0.45% (or 117 days) having sex.

Ø      29.75% (or 7,709 days) sitting down.

Ø      41% (or 8,995 days) with smartphone, tablet, laptops and the likes.

Ø      0.69% (or 180 days) exercising.

With this result, I believe you agree with me that measures have to be put in place to stop the continuity of this trend. The best way to mitigate this level of non-productivity is via effective time tracking and one app I strongly recommend for this is called IAmProductive.


The IAmProductive app was created majorly to help users time track their daily events in a unique style. The initiative behind this app started with just a piece of paper and a pen when the developer felt the need to be more productive on a daily basis. He made a record to understand what takes most of his time, determine if such activities are worthwhile or not and replace them if possible.


Here is the good news, the pen and paper initiative is now an app that offers better ways of time tracking and maximizing productivity. Launching initially on Google Play Store, IAmProductive presents features that make time tracking easy such as:

Ø      Add custom tasks – a feature that allows users to include tasks not present in the app.

Ø      Add unlimited tasks– add as many tasks as you like without any restrictions.

Ø      Bar charts – gives room for time tracking via bar charts.

Ø      Pie charts – time tracking via pie charts.

Ø      Easy to Use – Time tracking involves pressing just a few buttons.


These unique features enable users to pinpoint where and what they spend most of their productive times on after one or two days. iOS users are not left out as IAmProductive is now available on iTunes.

Whether you are productive or not, IAmProductive is an app you need to improve your level of productivity or start your journey to productivity. We both know being productive is key to the era we are in and taking the right step to achieving greatness is what this app brings you!

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